Module for walls, ceilings and roofs

HBE is an innovative technology of building houses made of wood, based in 100% on glued laminated timber. The HBE module, 40 cm wide, connected to another panel with a double tongue and groove, can form walls, a ceiling or a roof. At the production stage, channels are made in the panels, into which installations will later be led. The previously carried out assembly of the building elements into whole prefabricated elements means that work on the construction site consists in carrying complete walls and parts of the ceiling with a crane and placing them in the place of installation. HBE is an ecological alternative to blocks and concrete. The building made in this technology can be additionally insulated from the outside, and the facades can be covered with e.g. plaster or seam sheet metal.

ikona Zweryfikowane przez społeczność
  • enables the prefabrication of entire walls
  • quick assembly
  • low weight (compared to reinforced concrete)
  • high dimensional stability
  • excellent thermal properties
  • has channels for installation
  • affects the friendly microclimate of the rooms
  • single-family housing
  • public buildings
  • ceilings in brick buildings
  • renovation of old tenement houses
    (mainly as a replacement for a reinforced concrete ceiling)
  • for the construction of “container” offices
  • industrial facilities (halls, workshops)
  • timber species:
  • water content:
  • strenght class:
  • surface quality:
    visible class (W) or industrial class – invisible (NW)
  • surface finish:
    four-sided planed with bevelled edges
  • Module thickness:
  • module width:
  • module length:
    to 15,0m (standard: 13,5m)
  • timber species:
    spruce (ρ=+-450kg/m3)
  • water content:
  • strenght class:
    GL24 according to PN-EN 14080
  • strenght sorting:
  • production:
    according to PN-EN 14080
  • lamella thickness:
  • glue:
    polyurethane; clear non-darkening connector
  • fire resistance:
    D-s2, d0
  • cross-section dimensional tolerance:
  • packing:
    collective packages wrapped in foil


Moduł do ścian, stropów i dachów
Wall elements

Prefabricated as an entire wall or mounted panel by panel

Moduł do ścian, stropów i dachów
Building ceilings

Wooden, brick, reinforced concrete or steel structures

Moduł do ścian, stropów i dachów
Roofs of buildings

Suitable for a building in any technology, where the HBE panel can simultaneously constitute a structure and provide an impressive visual effect for the attic interior

Moduł do ścian, stropów i dachów
Complete building structure

From the sill to the top of the roof

Moduł do ścian, stropów i dachów wymiary